300 x 10 x 10 cm, various materials, speakers, computer, loud sound

Three meters long speaker hung on a wall hides seven small speakers each playing different cover version of David Bowie’s song "Heroes" recorded in 1977 and covered in wide range of genres by more than forty artists.

Original version of the song is not present in the installation.

In two minutes loop all seven tracks more or less meet at one point to sing the main refrain they all share. As closer to the speaker as better to hear each cover separately and vice-versa. Silver sewed logotype "HEROES" corresponds to the typography of original EP layout.

Pictures on the wall in this video are not part of the installation.

Exhibited at Nonstop Workshop, 11 — 13/07/ 2008 Castle Letovice, CZ

Documentation by Michal Šeba and Martin Kohout