Martins Kohout (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist preoccupied by various shapes without names, contemporary forms of solitude, diverse methods of dramaturgy, and the way developing communication technologies shape our relationships with others, time, space, and the horizons of biography. Their research-based practice leaks through artist films, performative ceremonies, publishing, installations, and designed encounters. Martins is the founder and director of TLTRPreß publishing house, received the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for young Czech artists in 2017, and is based in Berlin.

yes (AT) martinkohout (DOT) com

Martins', a place where they gather the best ideas that stumbled across their route:

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1984 - born in Prague, former Czechoslowakia
1990 - first knock-out tooth (fall from tricycle to the road)
1993 - two times knock-out tooth (fall when walking on a paving, and slip on a wet foliage while pushing a concrete block up to the hill)
1996 - two knock-out teeth (fall from a bicycle)
1997 - knock-out tooth by a classmate of dyslexia class during prankish attack by a ping-pong bat
2010 - broke tooth while eating candy

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