Last Tag Show

14/04/2007, web

Name it social media hack or Web 2.0 circuit bending, but above all the show refers to global performance of users building and enhancing their own web image setting thus a social mask and yielding a performance of it's kind.

On 14th of April there was a net performance called Last Tag Show which took place at page under the account Lasttagshow. Link here.

It's been a quite long time in the means of cyberspace, that rude and widemouthed Web 2.0 settled down and refused to leave. The web has indeed changed, the users have not. is a Web 2.0 service, that tracks what you are listening to and subsequently generates charts and statistics of your musical taste. A taste being quantified, reckoned and weighed. Precisely.

Music has always been a popular way of people coming together and sharing common interests. Tell me, what you listen to, and I'll tell you, who you are. With, it has never been easier to prove your taste right.

Last Tag Show by Pash* (Martin Kohout) alludes to the way personal profiles on social networking sites like create an illusion of frankness. Wearing a social mask and behaving the way we want to make impression of ourselves is not what our presence on the web is deprived of. Adoption of the Web 2.0 potential thus implies a social performance of its kind.

Last Tag Show was a part of Multiplace 2007 a network culture festival.

Author: Pash* (Martin Kohout).
Curated by Palo Fabuš.

Complete text of the show here.

The Last Tag Show, a live 'net performance'? took place on Last.FM on April 14, 2007. Last.FM is a social networking site centered around tracking its users' music listening habits and creating a profile based on that data. As a user listens to music, the track title and artist name are sent to his/her profile and listed publicly, allowing the service to create connections between users and the musicians they listen to. Another notable aspect of the service is its reliance on user participation, through wikis, in the creation of artist profiles.

The Last Tag Show cleverly took advantage of Last.FM's technical structure to pull off a 24 hour performance. As the allotted time progressed, viewers saw tracks and artists appear in succession on Last.FM user profile lasttagshow's profile page. These were no ordinary songs however, the artists instead altered the metadata of audio tracks such that when they were uploaded to the Last.FM servers they appeared as a multi-character dialogue. The principal personages in the performance include 'Moderator',? 'Hannah',? 'Voiceover',? 'Instructor',? 'Marck',? 'Zita' 'Vass',? and 'Gregg',? with occasional guest stars like Thom Yorke. Since each of these characters take the role of a musician in Last.FM's data-centric view, each of them have a dedicated user-editable artist page, which The Last Tag Show took full advantage of by developing the identities of their subjects in these spaces. As such, Moderator, for example, existed beyond his archived snippets of speech, complete with a photograph and short biography.

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