The Script Involving a Language Teacher

A language instructor who teaches an intensive Hindi-Urdu course is asked to write down the first word or sentence that comes to her mind each morning upon awakening. The teacher shall continue to do this for a period of five teaching days without a complete explanation from the artist.

After this period, the teacher is asked to begin incorporating the recorded words or sentences into her lessons. The words or sentences should be dispersed in the same daily order that they were written down. It is up to the teacher to decide whether and how the project is explained to the class and how the words are integrated into the lessons.

Realized between September 20 th and October 5 th, 2012, Westwood, Los Angeles, USA.

First realized with a German teacher between February 8th and February 21th, 2010, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany. Also realized between May 24th and June 4th, 2010, in Prague Vinohrady and Kunratice, Czech Republic with an English teacher.

photo of the piece at the FAQ exhibition, PMgalerie, Berlin 2010
photo of the piece at The Bell 2010 Young Artists Biennial, Prague 2010
photo of the piece hand written on the window of The Forgotten Bar, Berlin 2010

Part of FAQ.