Wrong Step

Step rests perfectly in sight from the balcony of Weller’s apartment.

Just imagine.

Weller had a grand injury after landing mid-foot on the edge of Step (located nonsensely in the middle of a pavement). The accident occurred one late October night when the streets are empty and the air is chill. Weller, suddenly unable to stand up, had to recline aligned along Step until an ambulance automat picked him from the pavement. By that time, Weller — dressed in fashionable leggings, ergonomic running top and a pair of ultra-lightweight shoes — was speechless and ice cold.

Slow zoom on W’s grimace. Finally, asked to retell his version, W makes a short pause, straightens his back and bows his head a little. Camera finally stops zooming at a detail of the face. W is now looking around the room to share his deadpan seriousness. —> Mid shot of W’s wife secretly signaling a thumb-up to him. (Coffee is half-price that morning in the courthouse.)

Accused for its sole existence, Step will not witness the coming centuries as originally intended. Weller can tell tales about his sleepless nights, troubled by the vision of this piece of stone surviving Weller, his wife, his children, the grandchildren, grand-grandchildren and their best friends, their colleagues, friends of colleagues, their pets and enemies.
Once asked for comments to Weller’s settlement proposal, Step murmured a warning that sounded like: “Watch your feet!”

Steadycam mid shot floating around jurors sitting at the bank one by one. Members of the jury (all humans) are listening to W, who, out of the frame, is talking about his great running results prior to the incident and how his friends used to call him S-Boy Cheetah. —> Cut to a wide shot of the second screen standing next to the first screen which is showing still S in a live broadcast. This second screen presents a slideshow of W’s injured ankle documentation. Disgustingly swollen and colored. —> Cut to the audience, wide shot. Overall color of the room is changing with different hues of the bruises that are being projected.

“The whole reason why I got injured was this totally unexpected Step in my way.”
Weller actually loves surprises — where they belong. Obviously, that’s how he is.

There is no problem in compatibility of perception modes represented by Weller versus Step, where any sort of good intentions would be withheld from Step in his poorly articulated defense.
In fact, the prosecutor and the judge were willing to hear Step’s arguments, under a single condition to speak German, to which Step later reacted: “Amor fati, fuckers.”

Wrong Step @ Percival Space, Oslo, 2013